Migrate from 7.13 X to SuiteCRM 8.2 possible yet? πŸ€”

How far have you guys come yet with this?
Is it possible to migrate your production 7.X to SuiteCRM 8.2 yet? :thinking:

Thanks in advance. :+1:

Hello @PowerQuest

Yes, It is possible.
The package (7.13.x to 8.2.x) should be available to download from Upgrade SuiteCRM - SuiteCRM

Thank you.

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Nice. :+1:

So does 8.2.x support PHP 8?

If so what is the highest version of PHP 8.x it can run?
The installation manual doesn’t really tell you much about that part:



That is not the correct installation manual. That one is for v7

Use this one Installation Guide :: SuiteCRM Documentation

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Yep, thanks. I just found it a few minutes ago. Supports version 8.0.x :+1:

I wish this docs PR would get merged…

I’m running 8.2.3 on PHP8.1 right now without issue.

The download link (Upgrade SuiteCRM - SuiteCRM) of β€œ8.2.3 Upgrade from 7.13.x” points to https://suitecrm.com/download/128/suite82/561843/suitecrm-8-2-2-7-12-migration.zip
Implying the wrong file, i.e. 8.2.2 from 7.12.x instead.