Might need to back up, how to see changes since last back up


I might be in a situation where i might need to use a back up. It dates form about 1 week ago.

I stopped using the current one this afternoon. A couple fo bugs I am trying to fix and will only use back up if I can not fix them.

Is there a way to see a record of the changes (new leads, contacts, accounts, meetings, calls, made since the my last back up? A certain date?

This way I can make notes and where it is worth keeping, I can go back and manually enter the changes when reverted to older version.




I don’t think that there would be any innate functionality along the lines of “changes since last backup”

However, you could possibly use the Reports module and create reports to list Accounts/Contacts/Leads/etc… that have been created in a period of time.
(i.e, the last week)

If the built-in Reports module doesn’t suit your needs for this there are 3rd party alternatives, such as KReporter, that should be able to list the same results.