"Messy" Screen

Hi all,

I’m not sure what to call it because it’s the first time happening to me. I just installed the latest version of Suitecrm yesterday and went on with testing it. However I got this “messy” look on my screen, and it’s not only on a single page but on EVERY page.

It looks to me like PHP code flooding my screen, that doesn’t get properly recognized as PHP code but rather HTML code, so it gets displayed on the webpages. I’ve attached the image, to make it clearer what I’m describing. Not only has my screen become visually hard to see, but I can’t seem to write / enter a new data to my SQL database because of this.

Please help if anyone knows how to solve this.

Thank you

have you tried doing a quick repair and rebuild, in admin->repair?

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YES! That worked like a charm :cheer:

Didn’t realize there was this awesome repair function in just one click.

Thanks a lot Matt, you just made my day! (and here, one plus karma point for you)