Menu unreadable after upgrade to 7.2

After upgrading to 7.2, I can no longer see the menu at the top.
If I hover the mouse around there I see the drop down menus but the actual menu itself is invisible.
Please help.

few questions / tips

  • have you checked module menu filters?
  • reset homepage
  • problems with homepage often due to wrong rights
    make sure maps: / cache, /custom, /data, /modules, /themes & /upload to 775 recursively
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Hi Menno,

the problem is not with the home page, it is with the menu bar.
seems like the standard theme is all screwed up.
See attached screen shot.

Exactly same issue with my installation also. But I am guessing it has to do something with browser compatibility. Because when I am checking it on Firefox 33.0 and Google Chrome it’s working all fine. But some of my clients are complaining the same thing as you are. If somebody can provide with the browser compatibility sheet for the new theme. That would be great…

You are right,

Its not working in Chrome Firefox but works fine in Chrome and IE.

There’s a clue.


Repair & Rebuild, clear cache. Switch to new theme then back to old theme. Is the issue still persistent?



Great Will,

Clearing the cache dd the trick.

Thanx for the help.