Menu Items and specific reports


I would like to know if it is possible to customize the menu to include a menu group item caled “Reports”, but it should only display a specific filtered list of reports.
I know you can edit the menu in the admin. I am also able to drag and drop the module in that group. However, the issue is that it opens the standard filter list of reports. I would like to filter it out for a specific type of report.

Would you suggest to rather duplicate the Report module and call it something else and then I should drag and drop it in there? Is there perhaps an easier way?

Thank you

Would it serve your purposes if you simply created a saved filter?

Go into the Reports list view, select the filter button, type your conditions and fill in the field “save filter as”, giving it a name.

This makes filtering more convenient, although it still requires a few clicks. Is it good enough for you?

Thank you for getting back to me regarding this.

I am trying to create a small accounting system for my organization. The users need a more intuitive menu structure. I have one menu item group called “Accounting” and besides things like “Chart of Accounts”, “Settings”, “Manual Journal Entry”, I also want one menu item called “Reports” Obviously these reports should be for Accounting purpose only. So the list of available reports presented, I want to show only reports for Accounting (filter under a field called “accounting”)

Then under The menu item called “Sales” I would like another menu item called “Reports” also and it must show reports filtered as “Sales” type of report.
Thank you in advance.

P.S. The filtering only works for one user anyway doesn’t it? This means that each user would have to create their own filters.

When I select the filterd view I see my URL is this:


So I guess I could use that URL and put it on the menu somewhere, and that way people would get direct access into the filtered view.

Hi - that sounds like a plan! I just don;t know where you add that in the menu editor. I am using the one where you go to the admin / Configure Menu Module Filters.

In there All I can do is add a group and add the modules from the left hand side by dragging and dropping them into that group. I can;t seem to add url parameters or a link.

Am I in the wrong part for the menu editing?

You probably can’t do this just with the menus, you need to customize code.

Copy this file (if your theme is SuiteP):




and try editing it to include the extra URL. Good luck

Thank you - will check it. When I make changes there do I need to remove caches?

Sorry mihaip007 I am in too many simultaneous threads here and in GitHub to be able to reply in this “chat” fashion.

Just try things first and ask me later : - ) it’s more effective and you learn more.