Menu item based on record type

I need some help for the following scenario:

I am using the Accounts module for various types of companies.

The type is a dropdown field and contains values such as Customer, Supplier. Competitor, etc…

The Problem:
I would like to have in the top menu some items with the various types Customer, Supplier, Competitor, ect…
(So I would like to have, for example a menu item Customers and if I click on it I would see only a list of Customers)

With the Module Menu Filters I can group Modules the way I like but my need is to access only records of a given type.

PS: I don’t want to use new custom modules because otherwise I would lose too much standard functionality (eg: lead conversion, campaign management and lots of other things)

Any suggestions?

Hi there,

This may be possible by editing the _headerModuleList.tpl and programming some smarty php to handle your code required to only display certain menu items/modules?




Thanks for the suggestion. I will dig into it.

However I am not quite sure on how to achieve it because what I am looking to do is not getting all the records from a module but only a subset based on the value of one field (all the records whose type is “client” OR all the records whose type is “supplier” and so on)…

To be more specific:

I have a dropdown field called type which values are (“client”, “supplier”, “competitor”. “other”). They all belong to the same module (Accounts).

So If I modify the file you suggested I think I can easily achieve the menu items as I want (so I will follow your suggestion) but I still haven’t figured out how to get the records from one type only. So: if I click on the menu item “client” I want only companies of type “client” to be listed (this part I don’t know).

In addition I want to display only certain fields depending on the value of type. (This I know how to do it programatically).