Meetings - Tasks

Hi Guys,

We are trying to configure the software to add tasks to a meeting in other words ->

  1. meet John -> Tasks related -> talk about the offer.

I have configured a one to many relation as is -> one meeting has many tasks.

The problem is that when I open an account then navigate to a meeting then try to create a task I MUST choose the account and meeting again (in the subpanel of the meeting).

How can I populate the account and the meeting in the subpanel (Tasks) in the meeting?

Thanks in advance

if you’re working from within the Account detail view, you’re working on the relationship between the account and the task, or the account and the meeting, but not on the relationship between the meeting and the tasks.

If you go into the Meetings module, and enter the detail view of a meeting, then when you create a new task there, it should be related to the meeting automagically.

Thank you for your reply,

Can’t I have both? Opening a task within a meeting in the account module and get all the fields inherited?

Thank you again

You can do all of those things but additional customizations are necessary, like writing some simple PHP code in a logic_hook.

However, there is also a problem of architecture here: an account can have many meetings, and an account can have many tasks, and a meeting (for you) can have many tasks.

But there is no single path between an account a and a “meeting-task”. So when you add a task from an Account, how is it supposed to know in which meeting it goes?

I think some manual work has to be done from the user’s side.
I am in nowhere a programmer and don’t think the description of a “simple code” can fit me…

Thank you very much for your help