Meetings Quick Create in Calendar

Hi, iā€™d like to customize the QuickCreate view that is called when i click on a Calendar slot.

I created view.quickcreate.php in custom/modules/Meetings/views


class MeetingsViewQuickcreate extends ViewQuickcreate // added{
	public function display()    {
		echo "Hello!<BR>";
}// CustomViewQuickcreate

But nothing happens.
Any idea?


Were you able to apply this?

I got the same problem.

When creating a new view.edit.php everything works fine and the additional logic in the display() function is triggered.
However, when doing the same using view.quickcreate.php then the logic is not triggered at all.

The ViewEdit class extends SugarView whereas the ViewQuickcreate class extends ViewAjax. Both are already existing classes.

Anyone has an idea how to extend quickcreate views?

Hi, i was able to customize the Quick Create View as for my needs, in Studio

Good, I just fixed it by using the following code in my custom view.edit.php directly after the class declaration:

var $useForSubpanel = true;