Meeting Bean "SAVE & SEND INVITES" using code/logic_hook


I am stuck in a situation,
When I create a lead I want to create a meeting automatically and also want to sent email invites to lead_email and assigned_user.
I am creating Meeting in Leads module after_save logic hook, meting creating successfully but invites not sent.

$Meeting = new Meeting();
$Meeting->name = 'Introduction Call';
$Meeting->status = 'Planned';
$Meeting->parent_type = 'Leads';
$Meeting->parent_id = $bean->id;
$Meeting->date_start = $bean->intro_call_time_c;
$Meeting->duration = 1800;
$Meeting->description = 'test';
$Meeting->lead_invitees = $bean->id.',';  //this is the lead id, lead have email
$Meeting->send_invites = true;

when I opened this created meeting and press button on the meeting module “SAVE & SEND INVITES” then Invite email sent, but not through code.

Try with true as a parameter:


Already tried, but no luck.


Try following the code from here:


There are several conditions for the sending of the notifications, one of them must be your problem.

If necessary, keep tracking it when it call into the parent class here:

Eventually it should call the _sendNotifications method.

You didn’t add anybody users, contacts or leads.
The function work only for field “assigned_user_name”.


Do the following:

  • Update tables “meetings_users” or “meetings_contacts” or “meetings_leads” manually. For exmple look at modules/Meetings/MeetingFormBase.php
  • Look at the function “get_notification_recipients” in modules/Meetings/Meeting.php and add arrays for notifications.

“Meetings” and “Calls” objects have a lot of specific code.