Meeting Accept status cannot be worked correctly

When I send Email all invitees after creating the meeting, the invitees declined the meeting in invite mail link.

This declined status is not reflected on the meeting detailed pane.

Is this bug?

Here it works if I FIRST save the meeting THEN send the invitations… So probably it’s a bug :oops:

It is a bug issue#743 on gitub.

A work around can be implemented by using process_record logic hooks and getting the status directly fro the database.



$hook_array['process_record'] = Array();
$hook_array['process_record'][] = Array(1,'Update accept status','custom/modules/Leads/update_accept_status.php', 'update_accept_status_3','update_accept');


class update_accept_status_3
    function update_accept($bean, $event, $arguments)

        if($_REQUEST['module'] = "Meetings"){
            $sql = "SELECT accept_status FROM meetings_leads WHERE meeting_id = '".$_REQUEST['record']."' AND lead_id = '".$bean->id."'";
            $accept_status = $GLOBALS['db']->getOne($sql);
            $bean->accept_status_name = $accept_status;