Mautic Integration - where to put mautic:integration:synccontacts

Version 7.13.0
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

I’m setting up a Mautic integration and I have all of the OAuth2 stuff set up and working properly (It seems). Now I just need to set it up to sync everything periodically.

I’ve come across a similar line of code a couple of times but it’s never clear where I’m supposed to put it.

Where do I put the following?:
mautic:integration:synccontacts --integration="Sugarcrm" --time-interval="2 hour"

This needs to be setup as a cron job. Ask your hosting provider how to setup a cron job. It’s different depending on your hosting environment. That line of code will not work by itself, it generally needs to the path to php and path to mautic app directory preceding it. There are also a whole bunch of other Mautic cron jobs that need to be setup to do things like, manage segments, manage campaigns, send emails, import records, etc. If you don’t have those setup Mautic will not work.