Mass Update not updating all selected records


The mass update feature does not update all the selected records. It does not update more than 6 records at a time no matter how many are selected and gives an Internal Server Error after the process. If I again try to select multiple records and update, it updates less than 6 and the amount of record updates keep decreasing and after a few attempts shows Internal Server Error.

I don’t think there is a memory issue as the memory_limit in my php.ini is 128M and i’m running it in my local machine with a WAMP server.

I would try increasing to 256M and increase max execution time also

I increased it to 256M and it’s working.

Increasing the max execution time only increases the time allotted to execute a query, which IMHO doesn’t optimize the system in any way, but nevertheless mass updating records have to run queries in loops (which increases the execution time i think).