mass update currency setting

Hi to all, fast question, there is a way to set to all the users of the crm the use of Decimals=",’ and thousand-separator = “.” ?

thanks to all

Do you mean for users that already exist? That’s more difficult.

For users that you are about to create, you can apply a template to their user preferences, from the database, that’s easier.

You see, user preferences are stored in the user_preferences table in the database, but they’re all packed together in a field called “contents” which you can decode here:

Try changing it there, then re-encoding to Base64, and storing in the database. If it works, you can them set up an automatic process.

I think there is an add-on in the Store to do this, but you would have to pay.

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I’ve taken the 64 code of a user that has the configuration i want and i made an sql mass update to all the user except admins. Seems works so thank you