Mass contacts import too large file?

So I’m trying to import a load of contacts into my SuiteCRM, but I’m getting an error the filesize is too big. However I have previously imported this exact same file without any issues to suiteCRM, what’s causing this?

All I did inbetween was drop the contacts tables in mySQL and now all of a sudden I can’t import contacts anymore?

Please help, I’m losing my mind here…

EDIT: I solved the issue.

If anybody has the same problem as I did here is what fixed it:

I had to go to the System Settings in the Admin panel in SuiteCRM and I changed the sizes of everything I can upload into bizzarely high numbers. Weird though as I havent changed that setting ever yet and the same file worked fine a while ago. Oh well, it works now :slight_smile:

Ty guys and gl!