mass assign to user group


I’ve been trying to assign the meeting to a user group “surveyors” but it seems not working. (Under that user group there’s a user on it. )

Am I missing something? I have attached a screenshot.

Any advice will be appreciated.


When adding a user group through “Mass Assign”, you need to select the records you want to assign the group to first by using the checkbox on the left of the record.
Then, select your group from the drop-down, and click “Assign”.
You can check if the group has been successfully assigned by opening the Meeting Record and scrolling down to the “Security Groups” subpanel.

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply.

If the meeting was assigned to a user group, will it appear on the calendar of the users under that user group?


No, assigning a group simply creates a relationship between the Meeting and Group Records.
However, to get it to show on a user’s calender, you can simply go into the Meeting’s Edit View and add the Required Users as Invitees.

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Noted. Thanks John! :slight_smile: