Mapping salesforce line items to suitecrm line ite

Salesforce connects line items to products using an ID, but it appears the required field in SuiteCRM is name and there is no ID. Is there a way to make salesforce quotes and line items into suitecrm?

Hi kevin,

SuiteCRM line items products do have an ID named product_id.



Ok, to clarify my problem, salesforce references just an ID product2ID and suiteCRM also has an ID, but the name is required for Suite CRM. In Salesforce the name comes directly from the product and thus is not directly listed as a field in the quote line item.

Is there a way we can map the name in? We are able to import opportunities and quotes and quote line items, but have not had any success getting them to tie together. so that the quote appears under the opportunity and the line items appear under the quote.