Mapping items using latitude and longitude coordinates

Good day all, does anyone know how to create a map within Suite CRM by only using latitude and longitude coordinates within a database. All I can find currently is using addresses and extracting coordinates from addresses. However, what can we do if we only have coordinates?
Any tips or tricks in this regard would be greatly appreciated. I have a google maps API but am really struggling to map our my data accordingly.
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Do you try to use module ‘jjwg_Markers’ (Maps - Markers)?

Hi there,
Thanks for the comment. You see I have modules that have latitude and longitude data. By using the jjwg markers, would I have to duplicate the data to into the jjwg marker modules and map those instead?

Yes. You can:

  1. export data to module ‘jjwg_Markers’
  2. copy/move data beetwen modules with: