Many Users for an Opportunity

Hi all!
I have created in CRM a Module called: Internal Users.
This module, pickup the User from tab_user and let us know which Internal Colleague is involved in the Opportunity.
In the header of the opportunity the assigned User is the “creator of the opportunity”.

Is there a way to add the User which are listed in “Internal Users” Subpanel/Module as they would have been assigned?

The reason of that question is because I need to use privileges also for Internal Users, so some of them “should” see only Opportunities where he is involved.

Have I been clear about my issue? if no, ask :slight_smile:
THanks in advance for the big help u are giving!


I suspect that your option for an extra module (internal users) might make things more difficult, instead of easier for you…

Have you tried simply adding the extra users as “Security groups” (one group per user, if there aren’t too many) and then deriving the security permissions directly from that?

Simply try to Understand “Security Group” or “Teams” module for this purpose.

Making separate module is not advisable which will cause you more trouble in many operation including reporting and workflows.