Malicious object

my Kaspersky internet security is detecting this malicious object (Trojan) every time i open CRM.
it is blocking the download and i can’t use the CRM.
Please advise

have you any more details on what Kaspersky is actually saying - without that, hard for anyone to offer help.

Can you share the research you have already done, to see what is happening? Tried any security tools?
What tech stack are you using -where hosting? what Suite version?

What is your level of knowledge over all (ie what level of help will you need): on (A) internet security (B) setting up servers

It’s not hard for servers / PHP etc to be hacked if any of many things are set up wrong -so cnlt rule out that some malicious code has been added to your specific server.

Regarding Malicious Object, maybe some file is virus-infected and that thing needs to check at the server level which file is causing the problem.