Making Records in Subpanel Clickable SCRM 8.0.1

Hi there, how do I make the records that appear in teh subpanels clickable so that it shows me the detail view when clicked? (I’ve already tried the solution that was meant for “Sugar” and it hasn’t worked.)

Hi @ja1,

In S8 default installation, there should already be a clickable subject header within each record shown within a subpanel.

Do you see the subpanels like mine above in accounts?

No, mine just had black text and were unclickable. I did experiment and found that if I found the subpanel layoutdef and put the line:

‘widget_class’ => ‘SubPanelDetailViewLink’

in the array, it is now clickable.

Which for those playing at home was in the directory:

/public/legacy/custom/modules/{module that shows the subpanel you are wanting to edit}/Ext/Layoutdefs/Layoutdefs.ext.php

Then just include the line above underneath the ‘label’ line.

Hi @ja1,

Glad you found your fix! Are you using an unmodified version of SuiteCRM8? If so where did you download the package as this is not the intended setup state?

I tried so many different ways to upgrade, but as per ususal, errors everywhere, so figured it was easier to export my database, download a full version from SuiteCRM website, and import the data, which I did. It must be something to do with my server as I’ve never been able to upgrade SCRM.

Let’s keep things on topic to this thread and SuiteCRM related. We all have different opinions about world events, politics and religions but this not the platform for these conversations.