Mails not being scheduled


I am testing the email marketing capabilities of SuiteCRM.

I made edits to the Email-marketing at 4:00 PM and set it up for 4:15 PM to shoot the mails out. I also changed my “Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns” to run every 10 minutes instead of only running during the night.

However, this did not schedule or shoot the mails to the target list (in default).

What am I missing?

Do you have a cron job running?

The cron job works. I tried it again & this time, the mails were sent 5 minutes post the scheduled time (Eg - 4:20 instead of 4:15).

For now, we will schedule all our emails at 10 minute intervals only.

But in general, can you explain the working of the scheduler? What are the different steps it follows which allow it to send the emails

You need to ensure a cronjob is set up, there are guides on how to do this.

You need to check that the scheduler is running successfully.

Then, when you send the email campaign, ensure you send and that it is not a ‘Test’. If it is a test, you need to use the send test option.

If emails have not sent, you can push via Admin -> Email Queue and then check the sugarcrm.log file for errors.