Mail signature short codes not working. 🖊

That sentence gave a chucke… :joy:

Anways… Thanks @pgr for your explantion.

Well my idea thought was that it was drawn from the SuiteCRM user (e.g. employee in my logic peanut brain’s way of thinking :brain: :joy: ).

I’m just been looking for a way to draw the data from SuiteCRM users profile into the emails we send. E.g. as follows the most common stuff:
employee name, title, email, phone number etc. to have in the email signature of employees.

Is there any of these short codes that actually works and draws the data from SuiteCRM user’s profile? :thinking:

@PowerQuest short answer NO.

The shortcodes ONLY work if the code pertains to the record the email is realated to.

For example if you have a code for “contact_name” or something like that and the Parent of the email you’re sending is related to the Opportunity, it will not work. It will only work if contact is the parent (sometimes it will work both lead/contact but I never count on it).

The only way any employee shortcodes would work would be if the email was related to the employee then they would get populated no problem. However, that’s not practical. You want it related to the contact/opp/etc.

I have been able to get assigned_user to work in the past (I think, if my memory serves me correctly) and this could work if the person sending is the account/contact/opportunity manager that is assigned.

It’s just not built to do what you want. this is exactly why @pgr built his PowerReplacer.

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I just want the emails sent be populated with the data of the employee (SuiteCRM user’s profile), so I do not need to to tons of multiple duplicate email templates which over time will be impossible to manage as your number of employees/sales reps grows. So basically figure of speech; one template of each template in the system “to rule them all”.

It’s a shame this isn’t possible. It would make things so much easier to manage.
Thanks a bunch again pstevens! :+1:

Why are you just not using the users custom signature in their profile? Or are these emails sent by workflow?