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Mail server requirements

Up until now, i had suitecrm installed in a web hosting account but now I’m moving to VPS.

Do I need to install anything like postfix/dovecot, or even just sendmail, or does the SuiteCRM have the necessary mail server built in?


Hello @Northern_Dude :facepunch:

You will need an email server for SuiteCRM.
For many reasons; especially in terms of deliverability.

If you just use a mail script from a web server I can guarantee you that most of your emails will end up in the spam inbox at the recipients that you send to, or even outright rejected by the receiving mail server.

You can either use a Linux mail server or use what my company is using which is MailEnable:

which is a Windows email server and very easy to manage and it is free to use forever in their community edition.

You will also need to understand the concepts of running your own email server and setup:

  • Configuring the DNS records correctly
  • Reverse DNS
  • SPF record/s
  • Dmarc records
  • DKIM records
  • SRV records specially for the email server (Imap/Pop3 etc.)
  • Setup valid SSL certificate for all sending domains in the email server.

Also you need to warm up your new shiny email server IP address:

So as you can see there is many steps involved. If you consider this to be complicated then you might should consider to use an email service such as SendGrid which has already done all this for you and you do not have to worry about these things.

Good luck with this and whatever chose you make in terms of mail server type. :+1:

Kind regards

That’s a complete answer!
Thank you very much!

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It´s my pleasure @Northern_Dude

Kind regards