Mail module slow, and bad contacts choice behavoir


I have two problems with the ‘Mail’ module

1/ It’s very slow to load when I click on it, my inbox take around 25 seconds to load

2/ When I want to write a new mail, if a choose target adress and select contact, the popup for choose contact appears, but then if I type text en click on filter or hit enter for apply filter on my contact, the main mail windows say invalid adress and I can’t choose contact anymore from the popup (still can select one but nothing happen if I submit)

screen :

Any ideas?

Number 2 is a known Issue, I can’t find it right now, but I’ve seen it.

Number 1 - yours is the second complain I hear, there might be a new bug somewhere

Please tell us your SuiteCRM version and other system specs.

What kind of email server do you have, and how are you accessing it (IMAP, POP)?

About the slow email, please follow this Issue here

and add any specific information that you think can be useful. I’m thinking you could go there and post your specs:

  • versions of OS, database, web server, PHP and SuiteCRM
  • kind of email server (Exchange, Gmail, etc)
  • kind of email server access (POP, IMAP)
  • if it is a fresh install or if it was working well before, with the same accounts
  • exactly how long operations take (open inbox X seconds, open email Y seconds, etc)


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Version 7.9.2
Sugar Version 6.5.24 (version de construction 509)

it’s a standard OVH MXPLAN 025 server, via POP3

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Nothing new about that?

It can take months or even years to get a bug fixed, there are many open issues and a very small team handling them.

In this case I would say you could be optimistic about a solution within weeks, because the Email module is under the radar of the developers, for now.

Of course, in a project of this nature, everybody is part of the team, so if you (or any developer you hire) can look into it and propose a solution, you get to control how fast things get done, and everybody benefits.

Well, just dont let unusable module full of bugs released in a production version

By the way, I’m bitter because I just sent an unwanted email because of a another bug in “To:” field of email generated from quotes :
when you select ‘send Quote by Email’ from a Quote, it put the contact assigned to the quote in the “To:” field, but if you remove his adress and put another one, it still send it to the contact.

And oh surprise, set “Use external mail client” change absolutly nothing.

To be open source an free doesn’t justify a system to be such a mess, I guess i’m done with SuiteCRM.

I feel your pain :frowning:

Sorry to hear about how bad things are working out for you, it’s a pity you didn’t stay with 7.8.x, but of course, who could expect that 7.9 would be so problematic?

If you read samus-aran’s posts here

… you will see that SalesAgility have realized most of the problems and errors made, but the truth is the current problems are still unfolding from that initial decision to swap the email module, and from the testing process which was not sufficiently organized between SA and the Community.

This is a bad moment for the project, they realized it, apologized, took measures to fix their processes (they are working on automatic testing right now, as we speak), but right now getting 7.9 to be usable is just a matter of perseverance and keeping up the effort, until we can say “it’s done”. But it’s not done yet, I’m afraid…