Mail attachments not working

Hi guys,

We upgraded to version 7.3.1 and the mail attachment is not working. there is a js error on the page
[color=#ff0000]Uncaught ReferenceError: module_sugar_grp1 is not defined[/color] on file inlineEditing.js:46

I don’t know if it’s linked but we cannot add files to the mail, when you click on the button nothing happens.

I have already run through the different procedures described in the forum for inline editing issues without success.

So I was wondering if someone has already faced it or has an idea how to solve it.

Any input will be appreciate.




In regards to the “attach” button, when clicked it will open a menu on the right of the screen to allow you to attach files.

Also, Which page/process gives you the error? Could you attach a screenshot of this page and the error in the console?

Which processes did you go through to try and resolve this?