Looking for changelogs related to a change in the API


I’m using an API call like this to get a list of contracts:

{“session”:“correctsession”,“module_name”:“AOS_Contracts”,“query”:“aos_contracts.status = ‘In Progress’”,“order_by”:"",“offset”:0,“select_fields”:[“id”,“contract_account”,“contact”,“name”,“deleted”,“total_amount”,“status”,“end_date”,“reference_code”,“renewal_reminder_date”,“start_date”,“contract_account_id”],“link_name_to_fields_array”:[],“max_results”:2,“deleted”:0,“favorites”:false}

But this call throws an error in SuiteCRM 7.7.5 :
AOS_Contracts.status = ‘Active’ MySQL error 1054: Unknown column ‘AOS_Contracts.status’ in ‘where clause’ while

but in SuiteCRM 7.8.3 it works fine.
Can someone direct me to the changelogs related to this?

Maybe this?


I went into the vardefs.php file and saw when the Status parameter was introduced.

It would seem that in that commit there was only code cleanup of AOS_Contracts, there were no new columns added.
I should better add and correct myself, as the request does not work if the table name is uppercase, but will work if it is lowercase:

“AOS_Contracts.status = ‘In Progress’” – does not work in 7.7.5, works in 7.8.3
“aos_contracts.status = ‘In Progress’” – works in both versions

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