Looking for a good PO and Inventory Module

Does anyone have a recommendation for a PO and Inventory management addon to SuiteCRM. This can be paid or free. We like the quotes and invoicing module here but need the other addons so we can get rid of our other online tools and consolidate to SuiteCRM.

Hi pearsonstephen,

PO being Purchase Orders? We have done similar modifications/additions and it may be worth contacting us to get an estimation if this is something you require to fully transition to SuiteCRM.

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I am looking for something more generic. If you have something to go along with AOS we would certainly be interested.

Hi there,

Please contact us detailing your full requirements and all relevant contact/project information.



Hi, I also want a PO module, Did you figure out that? recently I try to write one following the AOS_Quote module, but I can’t install it, which stuck at the 29% with the error,(Failed to copy custom/theme).
@pearsonstephen if it is possible that you can share the PO to me?

Did you check the details in following post.