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Login language issue

I just tried to install the new version of Suitecrm 8.1, I immediately loaded the module for the Italian language
I was able to set the language by going to Admin → International Settings and setting Italian as the default language.
I notice two problems:
1 ) even if I log in by selecting the default English language I remain in Italian.
2) always in the login form it doesn’t keep me the default language choice, but it always displays me the English language

there are also other recent PR’s about language issues…

Thanks @pgr,
so if I understand correctly, from the bug opened on Git-Hub, in the next releases they should fix the problem?

It’s likely, yes. And it appears that a new release is coming soon, at least I am seeing quite a few PR getting merged in the past few days, that is a typical sign…

Hopefully soon because it seems to me it still has a lot of things to fix for version 8 to be used in a production environment