Logging Call Attemps outside the Call Module (Cold Calls/Inital Calls)


when i call a lead for the first time and didnt reach the person after a few call attemps, it should be a useful feature to track the call attemps i the account. I have a list of new accounts (Status:assigned) and the Sales Rep. needs the information how many call attemps the account already has got. Its not planned Call, not a held call so i think that it doesnt make sense to log it in a “virtual” planned call, or? The Calls shouldn`t e used for this in my opinion.

Anyone with s similar problem?

Will be great to get a solution.


You have the option to reschedule a call, and the system will ask you why, the default options are “out of office” and “in a meeting” in my understanding this is for you as an user, but you can add an option there like “not answered” and you can track with that.

To reschedule a call, the call bust be not held or planned and in the detail view you need to click on the arrow next to edit, there you’ll see the option to Reschedule and a popup window will open asking when you do the call again and why you are rescheduling it.

To add a new reason to rescheduling you need to go to Admin - > Dropdown Editor -> call_reschedule_dom and add there the reason you want.

To track these just make a report about the reschedule_history field, and there’s a reschedule_count field but this is not working as far as I know

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Hi Mikebeck,

thanks for your feedback. I know how to handle your idea but its not the perfect solution to handle the accounts in the “first cold call pool”, or?

So i need to set up a Different Account Status with the Account who are already call min. one time and than handle it via the call module.

I think it would be much easier to handle the first cold calls until the first successful call within the account. So i can handle the account with more the 10 unsuccessful call attemps for example. -> Change status to “dead’” for example.

Did you get what my problem is?


Thank you