Log error - non fatal, I think


I was looking at the log recently. I came up with a time zone error.

Might someone know hwo to help me fix this repeating error?

Here it isL
Mon Apr 20 15:51:11 2015 [4017][-none-][FATAL] Configuration variable date.timezone is not set, guessed timezone America/New_York. Please set date.timezone=“America/New_York” in php.ini!

Where is the php.ini file? I presume that I need to configure this timezone thing there.



If you don’t have access to the web server that your installation is running on, you will need to ask your server admin or hosting provider to make that change for you. I can only speak from my installation which is Ubuntu 14.04 and the php.ini file for it is located in /etc/PHP5/Apache2/php.ini.

If you have access to it on your server, be sure to restart Apache after you make any changes.

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Thanks for the tip.

I self host, so I was able to quick make the changes.

I looked on my server and I noticed that I have:

Can I erase the extra ones? Or, do I need them?

AS for the main one, it is over 10MBCan I erase the contents? Or, could I just erase the file, and it will recreate itself?

I had multiple entries per day, and it just went crazy!

99.99999% of the errors were related to the date.timezone issue. The volume of entries should drastically be reduced.



If you remove the sugar.log file it should be recreated the next time a page in the application is hit. I tested this on my installation and it worked. To be sure, just rename the sugar.log file and load a page in your application. After that, check to see if a new log file was generated. The log1, log2, etc… are safe to remove as well. I am guessing they become created once the sugar.log file becomes to large.