Locate missing /empty Contacts in Accounts

I have local installed Bitnami SuiteCRM 7.6.4 (working fine for me)
I have some 50.000 Accounts and some 60.000 Contacts,
I need to filter from Accounts where there is (are) no contact (s) (below in the Contacts part in Accounts.

Maybe via Reports, but how to manage (two files Accounts and Contacts) to set such filer/report.

You can Run Following Query

SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE deleted=0 AND id NOT IN (SELECT DISTINCT ac.account_id FROM accounts_contacts ac WHERE ac.deleted =0);

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If you want to use the report module instead, try something like this:

I shortly tested it and the result seems to be ok (improvement: don’t group accounts by name, use their id for that instead).

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