Localhost SuiteCRM --Deleting 2000 Accounts took 6 hours,why?

I did a wrong import,which was going by steps of 200 and was slow 2000 Acconts about 4 hours.

But I had to delete the whole Accounts (did incorrect mapping) and trying to “delete all”

That is now after 6 hours still running and will take another 2-3 hours for lhe last 400 Accounts.

This is my first Try with SuiteCRM, working earlier also with Sugar CE (local install) and that importing very fast, 2000 Accounts 30 minutes
Deleteting 2000 Accounts about 20 minutes.

My computer: 2.,8 GHZ and I7 and Windows 10, Suite CRM locally installed by Bitnami Suitecrm 7.3.2.-1 version.

Any clue ???


Did you look the logs files ?

You should have deleted those accounts directly from localhost database, it would have hardly taken a minute.

Good suggestion - how would you go about doing this? I’d like to remove a couple thousand accounts from my local database but am hesitant to do so.