Load Detail View afresh every time - not from Cache Smarty templates_c TPL

How can i show Detail View of any module, say accounts, such that the DV does not use the cache/smarty/templates_c .tpl.php files for the view.
I have added the following code in preDispaly() function in the file view.detail.php

 if(file_exists('cache/modules/' . $this->bean->module_dir . '/DetailView.tpl')) 
    		unlink('cache/modules/' . $this->bean->module_dir . '/DetailView.tpl');

This does not clear the template for Detail View and i can see the old data (which is some html). How can the detail view not use templates_c smarty TPL files and load the detail view fresh every time.

I have also tried this line but it does not help


Have you seen this thread?