load custom entry point with CRM top menu and side bar

On our CRM we have lots of custom enrty points, but they all do something then return you to a module. We now have a need to have one display some data. It works, but it just display a white page with any output.

Is it possible to load the top menu bar and the side bar for a custom enrty point?

Many thanks

I have found doing this on the custom entry point does what i require.

require_once 'include/MVC/View/SugarView.php';
$view = new SugarView;

It loads the custom entry point withing the CRM template and allows me to use the templates CSS. What i don’t know if this is correct or best practice. could there be some adverse effect of doing this?

Any advice would be great.

I wonder if you have tried the “action” method?
simply create a file in your target module, lets say Accounts. The file will be placed at custom/modules/accounts/my_action.php

Now if you call the accounts module like index.php?module=Accounts&action=my_action
it will call your file within SuiteCRM template. All menu,navbars etc would be loaded. you can print some data inside your file to verify the view.

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That works well, Thanks.

Is there an pros or cons over the methord i have posted?

Hi cherub-chum,

I am new here in suitecrm. can you please explain what is in my_action file.php because i have a custom entrypoint and i want to show it in my custom module views or some thing like that could you please help out of this

That sounds great - is it possible to inlcude
of the ListView within this Action?

I want to display the ListView oft the module Accounts, BUT:
only with Accounts with Lead-Status “prospect”, not “active customer”

Active Customer should be presented in the normal List View of Accounts.

Plus: I want to display this new created Action shown when calling a certain Menu
(we have the Menu “Sales” and “Customers” and there should when calling “accounts” shown: sales => new created action with listview of accounts filtered for prospects only, when calling customers => accounts: List View of Accounts.