LMS or Wiki Type Module for Suite or Sugar

Anyone know of a LMS or Wiki module that would be great for adding “courses” to SuiteCRM?

Hi Dale,

Can you elaborate on your exact requirement? Do you need a module that integrates a wiki with SuiteCRM?



Hi Will,

At the time I was wanting to have sometime of module that would allow me to add training content for new user. In the meantime I have started using Moodle.

But, I know there are documents however a Wiki would possibly be great! Do you know of something?

Hello dalethomasnyc,

there is no Wiki-Projekt, I found some that comes close: http://www.sugarforge.org/frs/?group_id=1383
Works in 6.5.17 and SuiteCRM.

However, after all the adjustments and the time that was required for the changes a self-creation would have been better. Use still a basic module and build your own wiki.