ListView having only one column on production server

Hey everyone,

We’ve come across a weird issue which is happening on our production server when we deploy SuiteCRM.
Our listview shows only one column for all the modules. Please see the attached image for reference.
This happens on a fresh installation as well and is persistent across various version. This seems to be an issue with the production server as SuiteCRM works fine on a different server with similar configuration.

There seems to be another issue which occurs on One-to-many relationships with accounts. If we relate Opportunity A to an Account A and then update Opportunity A to be related to Account B, we can see the same opportunity under both accounts. When we checked the database, the relationship with Account A is not updated, instead a new relationship is created with Account B.
This however works fine on the development server. We’re not sure what is the issue.

Server Configurations
MySQL 5.6
PHP 5.6
Windows Server 2012 R2

Forgot to mention things we’ve tried.
-Repair and Rebuild
-Checked the logs, no particular issues.
-Tried different PHP versions (5.3/5.6)
-Fresh Installation of SuiteCRM