ListView Filters only partially working

Version 7.11.5

I’ve added a custom field to keep track of lifecycle stage. The value can be Lead, or MQL, or SQL, etc. I have these fields showing up properly in the Detail, and Edit view.

I then created a filter to show only Contacts where the Lifecycle is ‘Lead’. Success! Then I created another one in exactly the same way to show ‘MQL’…and it doesn’t work. Same with SQL. I was logged in as the Admin.

Then I logged in as a regular user and recreated the filters since there seems to be no easy way to share them with all users. This time, MQL works and Lead does not. Same list of contacts for both accounts.

Anyone have any ideas here? This seems like a fundamental part of a CRM; to be able to just view subsets of your contacts.

From poking around the forum, it seems like this might be a known issue? But I didn’t see any solutions.

Thanks for any help you can provide - I have enough experience that I could, if I have to, get into the code base, but I would prefer not to.

:thinking: this is strange…

A couple of things to try

  1. An upgrade - 7.11.5 is not that recent, this could very well be solved already…
  2. Are you clearing the filter correctly before starting the second filter? I am guessing it might be accumulating your conditions, instead of replacing the old with the new…
  3. If none of that works I can teach you how to go look in the database and see how the filters are saved, that should help understand what’s going on…

Thanks, pgr. I think I found the issue (or at least its working now…). I was passing a value from another platform to a custom field in SuiteCRM. The values that weren’t working contained spaces, while the one that didn’t, worked. So, went back and modified the values to have no spaces and it seems that the custom field is now updating properly. That means that now the filters seem to be working!

Not a great explanation, I know, but I’ll take it for now. Thanks for getting back to me. If it rears its head again, I’l check back in here.

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