List View taking very long time to fetch the data

Hi Everyone,

I am using SuiteCRM 7.6.5,in my Cases module i have approx 4,50000 records and for list view it will take 20 seconds for fetching data.

Our main module is Cases only and it will take longer time…so how i will resolve it.

List View Query : “SELECT , cases.assigned_user_id , cases.case_name , jt0.namenm_order_cases_1_name, jtl0.nm_order_cases_1nm_order_ida nm_order_cases_1nm_order_ida, , cases.state , cases.account_email , cases.account_mob , cases.is_escalation , cases.date_entered , jt1.user_name assigned_user_name , jt1.created_by assigned_user_name_owner , ‘Users’ assigned_user_name_mod, cases.assign_group , cases.created_by FROM cases LEFT JOIN cases_cstm ON = cases_cstm.id_c LEFT JOIN nm_order_cases_1_c jtl0 AND jtl0.deleted=0 LEFT JOIN nm_order jt0 AND jt0.deleted=0 AND jt0.deleted=0 LEFT JOIN users jt1 ON AND jt1.deleted=0 AND jt1.deleted=0 where cases.deleted=0 ORDER BY cases.date_entered DESC”;

Thanks is advanced…


did you resolve this issue?
I am also facing same problem, Cases listview taking almost 90 seconds to load.