list of values from database

I’m trying to get familiar with SuiteCrm. As my last years I was very closed with databases, ,so , for me it is a little bit strange to keep in file some of the data.
To be honest took me some time to find some of the list of values, list of fields (type of fields).
I know that SuiteCrm is building on install also the database, tables… so, some of the configuration should be kept into files.
Taken into account my background, I would like to see some of this information into database.
At this stage I would like to introduce dynamic list of values. The concept is to have a

    • new type of filed, or to modify an existing one;
    • 2 new tables (lov definition : id, name, description; lov values : lov_id, code, value, description).

      In the administrator interface when you are adding new filed to be able to specify this type of field and to choose from existing or to build new entries in this table).
      Some of the existing data, originally stored in files (like currencies) can be moved to these tables.
      What are we gaining with this? I believe that some independence from the files, we can build services to automatically update the currencies, from my example, make easier some interfaces where we have to import some dictionaries information.
      I know that this can be done throw an custom module, I do not know how, but I’m sure it can. I have to say that have it embedded is a more elegant solution.
      What do you think about it? Can I start something? How?