List Maps not working

Hello everyone,

I got this errors when I try to see my List Maps:

I tried to set my permission to 775 and then like this but nothing happened:
sudo chmod -R 755 .
sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

I found this Topic :
and I checked these files:
This code is on both files: sensor=false

Actually I can see my quick radious map with markers, no problems.
I made a geocoding test and it is ok.

My config_override.php is like this:

$sugar_config['disable_persistent_connections'] = false;
$sugar_config['default_theme'] = 'SuiteR3';
$sugar_config['disabled_themes'] = 'SuiteP';
$sugar_config['http_referer']['list'][] = '';
$sugar_config['http_referer']['actions'] =array( 'index', 'ListView', 'DetailView', 'EditView', 'oauth', 'authorize', 'Authenticate', 'Login', 'SupportPortal', 'map_markers' ); 

I set up a nightly geocode cron tab every 15 Minutes with this link:

but it said last successful run: never
and it has no job logs

I am running SuiteCRM 7.9.7 on server.

Sorry but I do not want to spend money. It is a free service as standard on SuiteCRM. I do not understand why I should pay money now…