Links failing to list themselves in list

I’m in a bit of bother with this, as Ive done this before on versions 7 xxx without issues.

Using a brand new install of 8.2.0. I am creating a list of scheduled phone calls and fields as follows.
I am using Accounts, Contacts, and a user defined module called “Calls Scheduled”
Fields and layouts were defined using Studio.
The Edit view works fine, as do all the relate fields. Information is entered, displayed as expected.
These fields include a Company entered via a relate, a Company contact entered via a relate., a second contact labelled “Regarding” is also entered via a relate., and several multi-select fields. On the edit/display screens these all work as expected.

However, when setting up a “list” display,

“Summary” aka "Name: which appears to be a pointer to the record. This works fine.
“Company” which is a Relate field “pointing” to the Company. This works fine.
“Contact” which is a Relate to Contacts, field displays nothing.
“Regarding” which is the second Relate to Contacts, also displays nothing.
All the multi-select fields work just fine.

I have deleted and reset up several times, refreshed till I’m blue in the face, am now convinced there is a new bug in the program.

I currently have Suitecrm running in Oracle 7.0 virtual box on MX Linux which is running on Debian 11. Its been stable since install two days ago.



I suddenly noticed my php version had changed to 8.1, which I believe is 0.1 versions beyond the supported 8.0. I bet $1.00 thats the cause of the strange behavior. Now I need to figure out how to revert php and keep it reverted.

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On more investigation, The same behavior persists even with php 7.4. This time I used debian to create a new suitecrm using version 8.1.3.

Using studio I modified the module “Calls” and created a relate field to a contact and a second relate field a company. Both of these displayed properly in lists. They did not display themselves in suitecrm 8.2.1.

For sure, I think suitecrm 8.2.1 has had a bug introduced into it…

Maybe check if the bug is already reported on Github, and report it if not…