Link option in reports alwasys returns a blank page


When I enable the link option in report and run the report, it will always link to a blank page and not to the actual page it should link to…
When I hover the link it will show:
but when I hover the link inside any other module it will link to the right page, only reports gives blank links.

It doesn’t matter to what module I link, the all return a blank page.

I have version SuiteCRM 7.5.2

this was a known bug back then, upgrade your SuiteCRM, I can’t the exact version when this was fixed

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Hi mikebeck,

i made a mistake, 7.5.2 is a test version, the live version is 7.6.4.

Is this still a bug then?

This has been fixed in 7.7.2 take a look here

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Awesome, thnx!!