Link on email to system

For both situations the system generated web link fails to bring me back to the Amazon AWS hosted SuiteCRM.

Instance 1 acceptance of calendar invites does not link back to the system-a failed to open web page message is displayed

Instance 2 a new user can not use the link provided in the introductory email to log in and present their credentials - same issue as above

Is the site_url value correct in the config.php file?



I do not know. I do not have that level of technical experience. I found this issue in both SuiteCRM and SugarCRM Community edition. I have been working with them as configured by Bitnami on Amazon AWS. I have been able to get email working so I know it is not that issue. Further I installed Suite CRM on my Mac and responding to the invite works fine.

Are you referring to the config.php in the root directory (suitecrm)?

I found the place in the config.php and the site_url value is set correctly. Any other thoughts?

I think the problem is in the mail client. I am using thunderbird and it doesn’t work. However, if I forward the email to gmail and click on the link in the webmail client from Google it works.