Link more than one record at the same time

I want to link many contacts to an account at the same time. Is this possible?

I now go to Accounts and select a record, then open the Contacts panel and click the ‘Create->Select’ button I then see a list of all my contacts. I do a search based upon some parameters and end up with approximately 15 records.

Is there a way to select all 15 records at the same time and link them to this Account record at once? (It seems I have to do it 15 times, once for each link I want to make… this is worrying me as I need to link over 1000 records after an import job has ran)

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within the popup-window, the very left column has a checkbox in the first row. It selects all contacts that are currently visible (so all items that are on pagination page 1).
If you want to select all items, click on the little arrow next to that checkbox.

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hi, I’m new.
I would like to see suitecrm that I installed on my PC (windows 10), on a tablet.
what should I do? what should i set?

for a local installation on windows “xampp” might be the easiest solution. But: running it locally is only an option if the CRM is meant to be a test environment or if you are the only user.

For future requests: please create own threads for your questions :slight_smile:

Thank you, but this does not seem to actually create a link… it only selects them all in that window without creating a link/relation.

Is there a button I might have switched off to then actually link them together?

after selecting the contacts in the popup, click on “select”. the contacts should be added in the subpanel. If you can see them there, the relationships are set and saved.


Clicking ‘select’ doesn’t do anything… can this be a setting on the module or so?


I found an error in the javascript console that occurs right when I click ‘select’. (see image)

AHA!!! :

@p_p what is your version of SuiteCRM? And PHP?


Sorry for not replying earlier… was quite busy over the weekend.

An upgrade to the latest version (see previous note on that bug found) fixed it.

Thanks for your help