Line items totalling incorrect

I have products setup with names and value.
When i add the items to line items inside invoice the total of calculated fields are wrong if i choose a quantity of 3.75.
when i add the item with a quantity of 3.8 or 3.7 it seems to do the calculation but when using a quantity of 3.75 the calculation is slightly out

Here is the items
3 items with a value of 11.25 charged at 3.75 hours each.
3 x 11.25 = 42.1875 rounding to 42.19 as expected
42.19 x 3 = 126.57 however invoice total shows 126.56?

I have looked over line_items.js but cant see any issues.

can anyone help me with getting this figure correct.

Nothing on this issue?
I am still having issues with this

Hello there,

we do not work with products, but with service. The error I too noticed’ve even not looking for it, however. As the error arises I can tell you.

The Total field is not adds the rounded results. This is due to the decimal places. You have it already pre-calculated.

3 x 11:25 = 42.1875 x 3 pieces = 126.5625
Thus, he rounded up to 126.56 - quite regardless of the intermediate result.

The total field would practically add the rounded intermediate results or limit the general after the decimal point two places.

Now there are two possibilities, either you adapt the code, or you add it to your invoice a line to that is rounded to 4 decimal places.

So it’s not just a mistake.