Line Items In Cases Module

We have a specific request to add line items functionality to quotes.

The current system allows the user to add line items (products) directly into a Ticket and Create and Invoice from a ticket.

I have been struggling with this for a few days now.

I noticed that AOS_Product_Quotes is a hidden module and cannot be managed or related from Studio.

Basically what they want is to be able to Invoice directly from a Ticket.

I am pretty sure I have to do this in Code but I am lost on what to do.

Can someone help with some direction.


Quotes already has Line items functionality so I assume the Cases module is your Quotes module? What your outlining doesn’t make a lot of sense but its not going to be possible to do what you want to do without a decent knowledge of PHP and JavaScript as well as an understanding of how suite works. Adding Lineitems to another module is not a trivial customisation.

Yes I added taxes to the line items so I knew this was not a trivial thing.

It was what the other software did and what was requested.

After discovering that even Sugar Ultimate doesn’t even have this feature and demonstrating this to my boss.

I was able to show them a work flow that makes sense that they approved so this request is dead.

Thank you for the answer though.