Line Item

Inside my Products i have a custom TextField fieldname: quantity_c as Integer.

I would like that textfield to show up in the Invoice - Line Item. I tried added in the Studio - Line Item - Layout but i still do not see that field.

Can anyone help me out what am i missing?

I am using SuiteCRM 7.6.1

Thank you!

Out of the box, you are not able to edit the layout of the line items fields.


Okay, so what is the point of the Studio - Line Items - Layouts ?

Also, while in Invoices, am i able to ‘collapse’ or always have at least 1 Add Group and 1 Add Product showing? I just want the invoicing to be quicker instead of my users click “Add Group” then “Add Product”… can those two just show as soon as you open the Invoices? Or do i have to edit the JS file again?

if so can you recommend me what i should change?


There is no Line Item Component in studio. There is however a field in invoices/quotes/contracts called Line Item in the edit/detail view layouts. It is essentially there as a place holder.

You would need to perform code customisations.


Oh so what does the Line Items module in Studio? What are those settings for?

See my attachment please