Line Elements not calculated

Hi there, not sure if it’s a bug or misunderstanding of funtionality so I ask here before posting it to the tracker:

I created a module where I can set up references with line elements. When I create one and make a reference to an existing Invoice the line shows up in the invoice correctly. However the amount is not reflected in the total (see image attached) rendering the whole process useless.

Any suggestions on this?

Thank for your help

Yes. Read the documentation. Does it say anywhere that created modules have calculated fields?

No, it doesn’t.

Preparation is key to understanding.

It does say somewhere it should not? :ohmy:

Form a programmers point of view you would agree that the logic behind this should be as simple as “If there is a line added attached to an invoice, count it in.” And that should be either in total or not at all… I really did not find a line in the documentaion saying that the software will take an extra turn to exclude the math if the line comes from another module than those default ones.

To conclude with an advice myself:
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