limited Assigned user choice in popup according to roles in suitecrm

Hello everyone,

I want limited choise of users in popup of “assigned to” field according to roles.
Users can only assign the data to their group members.
How it will be possible?
Please help as early as possible.

Navigate to Admin->Security Suite Settings and check “Filter User List”
This however, sometimes causes a bug (at least on our server), where we can no longer see the user names in Activity Stream. Fixes itself automatically, then reappears again and this goes on.

Its working without error.
but activity done by other group users are seen in different group also.

If the access rights are set properly, a blank row should appear in the Activity Stream where it displays the activities of other group users which they do not have access to. Make sure you have configured your ACL properly.

Note: Don’t forget you need to Re-log for Roles and Groups to take effect.

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile: