Let's move these forums to StackExchange

Maybe the planned Community Manager (full time) will be able to give Forum structure /usage some thought?

salesAgility wrote 3 weeks ago

, we have enlisted a full time Community Manager to oversee the involvement of the public project and the community in the coming months.


Hi All,

Speaking on behalf of myself. I would say we would want to keep the software we use for the forums OpenSource. I don’t believe StackExchange is though, am I right in saying that?

Hi Cameron

StackExchange is not Open source.

Please see my suggestion above for using Askbot, a Stack Exchange clone (which is open source).

Also you could chat with Jim Mackin about this issue, I exchanged a few private emails with him on this subject.

Thanks for chiming in.

Hello Friends,

Is it possible to create the Master custom module with suitecrm.
For example:

  1. We have configured particular form say: MasterForm with 50 fields.
  2. MasterForm have 50 fields and Show/Hide keys checkboxes.
  3. When Admin checks the required fields then the accordingly the new module get creates Says Form1 . but this time this will contain only the checked fields with new Database.
  4. Is it possible with suitecrm?
  5. My whats app number: +91-8097932986
    Awaiting for your reply friends.

@deepak100 you must have posted on this thread by mistake, your question has nothing to do with this topic. Please start a new thread… thanks.